As as group of companies, AG are deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations to an absolute minimum. We’ve been working continuously for many years to both reduce our energy use and to ensure that we’re a good neighbour within the areas where our facilities are located.

All of our sites, from quarries to production facilities, are tidy, clean, presentable and operated with a concern and awareness for their surrounding landscape and communities.

From the more obvious effects of our quarries on the surrounding landscape, to the noise, dust or waste that’s generated from any one of our production facilities, it remains a key part of our business to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment around us and to manage our resource use in a highly efficient way.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our comprehensive social responsibility policy illustrates AG’s commitment to operating to the highest standards in every aspect of its business.

We aim to run our business ethically, achieving environmental stewardship to industry best practice, striving to manage activities in a safe manner, protecting the health and safety of everyone involved and encouraging social inclusion in the communities in which we operate.

Care for the Environment

AG has designated ‘Care of the Environment’ as an essential part of the business strategy. We seek to support the Government’s environmental aims by adopting, where possible, Best Available Techniques Not Entailing Excessive Cost (BATNEEC).

We take into account environmental issues when designing management systems, organisational structures and communication systems. In addition, we make extensive use of water recycling in our operations.

Fossil fuels emissions requirements for vehicles have been introduced in Europe in 2006 (Euro 4) and 2009 (Euro 5). As a company we made the decision to bypass Euro 4 and proceed straight to Euro 5 lorries.

The Green Organisation Silver Member

AG have been elevated to ‘Silver’ membership status within The Green Organisation, one of the country’s leading environment groups. Membership is restricted to companies, councils and communities that can demonstrate the effective measures they have introduced for environmental benefit.

AG was awarded the distinction of ‘Silver’ by actively adopting measures that will continue to improve their environmental performance for generations to come.

Sustainability Charter Membership

Acheson + Glover Precast have now achieved Sustainability Charter membership from the British Precast Concrete Federation, following an audit.

The aim of the Precast Sector Sustainability Charter is to encourage member companies of British Precast to go beyond legislation and take voluntary actions to make their products and operations more sustainable. In order to meet this aim, a set of sustainability principles has been developed based on the key sustainability issues facing the precast industry; these issues were identified by British Precast following consultation with the industry and examination of the priorities and concerns of its primary stakeholders.

Further information can be found on British Precast’s dedicated website:

Carbon Footprint

AG have calculated the carbon footprint of every product in our range and all of these figures have been carefully checked.

We're committed to keeping these figures as low as possible. Indeed, we rank among the lowest carbon ratings of the major manufacturers.

One of the reasons why our carbon footprints are so low is that all our products are manufactured within the British Isles. What's more, the vast majority of the stone we use is produced in our own quarries just a short distance from our manufacturing plants. Transportation has a big impact on carbon emissions, so by using local stone we can keep our footprint as small as possible.

We do import a small amount of stone but only from other countries within the EU. This means that our customers can be completely certain that none of our products are in any way associated with child labour or the exploitation of low paid workers in less-developed countries, where regulations on safety, pay and conditions are difficult to police and often ignored.

With a range of great products that won't cost the earth or exploit workers in developing nations, AG aims to improve your environment without damaging it.

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