About Us

About Us

Established in 1960, AG (Acheson + Glover) has spent over 50 years designing and manufacturing a wide range of construction and landscaping products and solutions for both the commercial and the residential sectors. We’re widely recognised as one of the leading manufacturers in the UK and Ireland.

Our History

AG started life as a family-run business and remains so today. We are committed to the high standards that have been set throughout our history – standards of ‘best in industry’ for customer service, innovation and premium products.

Through advances in manufacturing technology and a stringent quality control that stretches all the way from the quarry to the final product, we have a team of people who have the skills and imagination to rethink, re-engineer and redefine what’s possible with reconstituted stone and precast concrete.

And because we own our quarries we are able to carefully control the quality of the aggregates that go into the making of our products.

When you combine this with our state-of-the-art manufacturing plants, our customers can be assured they’re getting some of the best products available anywhere in the world.

Our People

At AG, nurturing our staff is a key part of our business – we've learned over decades that well trained, highly motivated staff develop and manufacture much better products and deliver the kind of responsive customer service that really sets us apart. We operate a wide variety of in-house staff development and innovation schemes to maintain a culture of continuous improvement of individuals, operations and product solutions.

Despite our size, we've kept core values of hard work and commitment to community at the very heart of our organisation. By employing 200+ people, we are very aware of our community responsibilities and this is something we always factor heavily when making strategic decisions.

Our Market

AG has grown from a small company that serviced customers just a few miles away from our original quarry to a business that now distributes a huge range of reconstituted stone products. Our customers include a huge network of major construction companies and merchants and, of course, the general public.

With the majority of our business located within the professional construction market, we have become a key solutions provider for architects, specifiers and builders throughout the UK and Ireland.

Aesthetic Engineering

AG Professional design products and solutions for a better built environment.

Staying as a tightly-run family business has meant that we've been able to maintain a firm focus on product innovation and excellent service. This approach has enabled us to grow steadily into a large organisation that produces thousands of products across a number of sectors.

However, AG Professional have never lost sight of the huge responsibility we have to develop products and solutions that enable architects and developers to create a built environment that's both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. We have a proud history of market and manufacturing firsts in our product range: with iconic products such as Terrapave® we've redefined the boundaries of what's possible.

From improving acoustics to reducing flooding, our engineering and design teams have developed products that combine ease of installation with a practical functionality and visual appeal that continue to challenge and lead industry standards.

We also take great pride in the open lines of communication within the company. This enables everyone from the production lines to the boardroom to continuously input into improvements in product design, manufacture, environmental efficiency and customer service.

Customer Service

With the ever-increasing scale of AG’s operations has grown a deep commitment to continually developing the excellence of our customer services teams. We have teams of specialist sales professionals dedicated to providing the best possible service to a very broad and diverse customer base of both construction professionals and domestic consumers.

Given the highly technical nature of many enquiries, we encourage architects, specifiers and construction professionals to speak directly to us. Our teams can work with you either before construction commences or on site, helping to advise on the best way to solve problems or find more efficient and more cost-effective ways to complete projects.

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