Apr 24

AG Biodiversity - It's In Our Nature

AG Biodiversity - It's In Our Nature

Biodiversity is an integral part of our environmental practices at AG and we're delighted to welcome some key species back to our Fivemiletown quarry. The majestic Peregrine Falcon and the main communication method in Game of Thrones, the humble Raven!

Peregrine Falcon Falco Peregrinus

Once again, this large and powerful falcon has returned to the protected zone of the Crievehill Quarry site. The adult has blue-grey upperparts and dark blue wings and head, and long broad-based bluntly pointed wings. It has a conspicuous black 'moustache'contrasting with the white face, giving it a hooded look.

Our Quarry Manager, Stephen Breen has noticed the birds almost daily now since the middle of March and has observed them spending a lot of time around the cliff face that has been used for the past number of years. The population of this iconic species, long a symbol of the conservation movement, has steadily increased over the past decades due to strict control of their nest sites. AG Group are proud to say, the company has been part of this programme for over 20 years since the birds first appeared in the quarry.

We have ensured that all the quarry employees aware of the nest site area and will ensure little or no disturbance in the vicinity until the end of the breeding season.

A Raven at our Fivemiletown Quarry

Northern Raven Corvus Corax

For the first time in recent years, Ravens are nesting in the quarry site. The largest of the crow family, bigger than a Buzzard. This massive all-black bird has a very large and powerful bill, rather flat head, shaggy throat feathers and long wings with pointed 'fingers' at the ends.

They nest early in the season laying eggs in the middle of March, one of the earliest breeders in the avian world. Due to their size, they have no fear of their neighbours the Peregrines as opposed to their smaller relatives the Jackdaws corvus monedula which are one of the prey items of the Falcons. Stephen and his team are aware of the nest and has curtailed work nearby until the end of the breeding season.

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