Mar 01

AG Fivemiletown has Spring Visitors in its Sights

AG Fivemiletown has Spring Visitors in its Sights

Staff in AG Fivemiletown are working hard to make sure that our regular spring-time visitors are made as welcome as possible in our quarries. Peregrine Falcons are known to take to cliffs and quarries for breeding and nesting and AG understands that preparation is key to ensure that these birds are given every opportunity to flourish.

Reducing Disturbance       

Conservation Field Officer Ivor Malone pointing to a probable nest ledge of the Peregrine Falcons at the Fivemiletown Facility. It was agreed to limit work as much as possible in this area until mid-July, thus reducing machine disturbance in this part of the quarry.     

''The company will contact the Northern Ireland Raptor Study Group for more advice in the coming months, to ensure a successful breeding season for these iconic birds'' 

Ed.O'Hara, Conservation Manager AG Group.

As an organisation, AG works tirelessly to enhance biodiversity on all of our sites. You can find out more about our biodiversity work here.

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