Sep 22

AG Purchase New Hollowcore Bed Saw

AG Purchase New Hollowcore Bed Saw

AG’s hollowcore flooring production team are very pleased with the recent delivery of a brand new concrete saw that will be used for cutting prestressed hollowcore slabs and concrete beams. Fully automatic, the new machine can be programmed to cut the full length of a hollowcore bed.

The brand new state-of-the-art saw has the flexibility to cut up to a depth of 500mm and a turning carriage that allows it to carry out cross cuts as well as longitudinal and diagonal cuts at any angle.

Cut With Precision

Manufactured by Prensoland in Spain, the new saw complies with all relevant EU standards and was commissioned for use at AG’s Ballygawley production facility. It will allow AG to meet the rigid requirements of clients and continue to deliver precisely cut hollowcore slabs to construction sites throughout the UK and Ireland.

 Works Manager, Trevor Busby is delighted with the latest addition

“We are over the moon with the arrival of the new saw. It has the capability of making complex cuts which are often needed by our clients. The arrival of this saw will help us to reduce waste and leave us with an excellent quality cut allowing us to deliver a great product to the end user. The energy savings that it can also deliver are an additional bonus. ”






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