Aug 19

AG's Daniel McCavery is Abs-olutely Brilliant

AG's Daniel McCavery is Abs-olutely Brilliant

We know our staff are very motivated and determined individuals inside the workplace, but we don’t often get to hear how this filters into their personal life. So when our Marketing Executive, Daniel McCavery told us about the challenge he had set himself we thought it was worth sharing!

Daniel set himself the target of competing in the UKBFF (UK Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation) Junior Men’s Physique competition which was held as the Ulster Hall on Saturday 13th August. He was placed third and received an invite to the British finals in Nottingham.

The 22-year-old talks of how he got involved in bodybuilding,

"I played hockey and soccer competitively through school until I was 17, when I stopped playing these sports I wanted something to do physically so I then started training in the gym and lifting weights 4/5 times a week. Last summer, I decided to set myself a target to compete in my first physique show while I was still a junior (under 23 category).

Show Preparation

Daniel then explained his rigorous training regime, ensuring that he was in best possible shape to compete in the event, 

The real ‘show preparation’ began at the end of April 2016- 16 weeks from the show date. When I started show prep I went from my normal 5 weights sessions a week and a diet that I didn't pay very close attention to, to training a total of 16 sessions per week which comprised of 6 morning cardio sprint sessions which lasted for 50 minutes each, 5 evening weights sessions which lasted just over an hour each and 5 evening cardio sessions which lasted 40mins each, as well as this I saw a posing coach every Sunday for an hour to work on my stage presence.

Diet Control

Another part of Daniel's training program was to control his calorie intake and restructure his overall diet, another example of the huge commitment and meticulous preparation involved,

My diet consisted of 6 meals a day which were all weighed out to the gram and pretty much the exact same every day, from the start of prep to the end. I had no full days off training for the full 16 weeks."

Although, it was both mentally and physically challenging, Daniel says overall the experience was very worthwhile,

"It was probably the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life but it was an experience that I really enjoyed and it taught me the true meaning of mind over matter, especially during the last few weeks when you are tired and hungry and craving all sorts of tasty treats.".

Congratulations Daniel and well done again on your achievement!

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